Things you should know to practice firework safety

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Hattiesburg, 2019-

Most people love a good New Year’s Eve celebration, but if you are planning to celebrate with fire works make sure your follow all your saftey precarious.

“Today being New Year’s Eve we know that everyone wants to go out and have a good time and go buy those fireworks and shoot them off to have a good time tonight but we always got a remember that fireworks are dangerous they can cause harm to yourself and sit far is that we don’t want to set” Fire Coordinator Chip Brown explained.

According to fire coordinator Chip brown you need to be at least several hundred feet away from your home, because after a firework is shot into the air the direction it will take is not always predictable.

“In my time in the fire service we’ve had numerous fires caused by fireworks. We have had total loss of homes that have been lost buy fireworks. Again the fireworks go astray laying on the roof the pine straw on top catches the roof of the home on fire and then you end up totally losing a home” Says Chip Brown.

And if you are not sure which fireworks that are best for you family always talk to a professional.

“If you’re not very experienced you should always ask somebody who is there are number things that can go wrong with any kind of fireworks they’re all different you can take your firecrackers compared to a 500 g cake and there’s a big difference in what you have to look for and shop for” Firework specialist Joey Pilkton explained.

There are also specialty variety packs that have different fireworks that can better suit your needs.

“Definitely Roman candles sparklers novelties micro ladybugs the little spinners. Those are always good ones and if you want to, you can go ahead and get a 200 g keep the smaller tables with lots of shots and lots of colors kids loved it” Joey Pilkton says.

Make sure you check your cities ordinance on fireworks to know where you can legally shoot them.

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