JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Mississippians enjoy gathering with friends and family to catch up with each other or enjoy good food. Some of those gatherings could be a crawfish boil, which usually take place during the spring and summer in the state.

There are also plenty of restaurants in the Hattiesburg area that serve up some delicious crawfish! Yelp compiled a list of the top-recommended crawfish spots in the Hub City area for you to enjoy.

10. Stricks Original BBQ & Catering – Hattiesburg

  • Strick’s is a BBQ business in the Hub City that offers a variety of food for customers. The restaurant has been serving hot boiled crawfish since 1980. The crawfish is available every Thursday, Friday and Saturday while they last from February to May.

9. Patio 44 – Hattiesburg

  • There are three Patio 44 locations in Mississippi, including one in Hattiesburg. The restaurant offers crawfish is some of its dishes.

8. The Crab House – Hattiesburg

  • The Crab House Restaurant offers dine-in or take-out meals in the Hattiesburg community, including crawfish on certain days. The restaurant is open seven days a week.

7. Crescent City Grill – Hattiesburg

  • The restaurant offers crawfish to customers during crawfish season. Crescent City Grill is open seven days a week in the Hub City. Click here to take a look at their crawfish season menu.

6. Pier 98 – Hattiesburg

  • Pier 98 is a locally owned and operated restaurant. They offer hot boiled crawfish to their customers. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday.

5. K & J Subs and Seafood – Hattiesburg

  • At K & J’s, the flavors of Philly Steak and Cajun Seafood Boil come together in harmony. One of the sandwiches they offer is a Crawfish Philly, but you can still order crawfish at the business. K & J’s is open seven days a week.

4. E & L’s Triangle Seafood – Hattiesburg

  • Triangle Seafood is Hattiesburg’s largest fresh seafood market. They serve crawfish dishes at the business, which is open seven days a week.

3. Louisiana Sisters Café – Hattiesburg

  • Louisiana Sisters Café offers a variety of crawfish dishes for its customers. The business is open Monday through Friday.

2. Poppa’s Original Wharf Seafood – Hattiesburg

  • Poppa’s Original Wharf Seafood offers boiled crawfish and live crawfish for customers, who would like to take part in their own crawfish boil. The business is open seven days a week.

1. South Mississippi Crawfish Company – Hattiesburg

  • Live, boiled or catered, the South Mississippi Crawfish Company has you covered when it comes to crawfish in the Hub City. The business is open Thursday through Saturday.