Tornado damage causes property damage all across Sumrall

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Late in the night Josh Smith received pictures of the girls softball field after the storm passed and he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“A buddy of mine called me right after it happened said he was on his way home. Send Man the girls Fields got here so I try to get down here couldn’t with the weather and traffic and everybody trying to get in the town. Came back a couple hours later had some great friends that send me a couple of pictures and updates from down here I knew how bad it was. Got my eyes on it last night and came back this morning just to see the devastation we’re facing”, Josh Smith explained.

Smith has been the league President for six year. He also has two daughters who play on the team. Once word got out about the damage the offer for help kept rolling in.

“I’ve had people reach out to me Facebook text messages, calls. All last night and this morning just hey what can we do when are y’all going to do something. Different leads people from surrounding areas and communities”, says smith

With so much damage he isn’t sure as to when the field can be open again; but he is confident he can make it happen before the season.

“We usually have an open day at the end of March so that’s the immediate goal is to get back up and running but he probably won’t be like it was exactly but we’re planning to have an opening day at the end of March early April”

while there is still a lot of work to be done he encourages the town to keep moving forward.

“My thought is more just to us to keep our heads down keep digging and grinding and will dig ourselves out of it and be back to normal here soon”

If you would like to help the team you reach him through the Sumrall Girls Softball league on Facebook

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