HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – If you clicked on this article, you’re probably a fan of coffee. But how well do you know your local coffee? Hattiesburg is blessed with a handful of wonderful coffee shops that are scattered around the city.

Below you’ll find a break down of unique coffee-based drinks that you can taste-test at Hub City coffee shops.

Equinox Coffee

  • This shop serves the Magnolia Blossom, which is a blend of lavender and caramel over steamed milk and espresso. It’s one of three specialty drinks offered at the shop. Find this coffeehouse on Hardy Street and on the University of Southern Mississippi’s campus.

Grin Coffee Company

  • This local roastery sells bags of whole bean Jam’n Gypsy coffee. It’s described as tasting like berries, peanut butter and syrupy. Not your thing? There’s a handful of other flavors to try. Find this coffee shop on Broadway Drive.

Java Moe’s Coffee Company

  • This coffee shop is always featuring new Drinks of the Week. Previous drinks include wedding cake, cookies & cream frappe, Nutella, birthday cake, caramel coconut crunch and more. The best part is that the Drink of the Week is $1 off. There’s four locations in Hattiesburg and one in Poplarville.

Mulvi’s Coffee Company

  • This store sells a seasonal S’mores Latte. Another unique item at this coffee shops are the add-on Espresso Ice Cubes. Try these items for yourself on Hardy Street.

T-Bones Records & Cafe

  • This record store/cafe serves up the JAM Cold Brew Coffee. It’s simply described as “the strongest cold brew allowed by law.” Find this shop on Hardy Street.

Depot Kitchen & Market

  • Find the William Cherry Latte from this spot. It’s a caffeinated combination of espresso, steamed milk, dark chocolate and cherry syrup. Don’t forget to check out the store’s other cleverly-named lattes. Try this drink out on Buschman Street.

Nannie Mac’s

  • This shop offers a drink called the Upside-Down Latte. While there’s no description on the menu, Google says it’s like a normal latte, but the milk is on the bottom. Don’t forget to try an affogato while at the store. Find this shop on West 4th Street.

Mudslinger’s Drive-Thru Coffee

  • Try the Iced Cinnamon Bun Iced Coffee at this drive-thru coffee shop. This drink is made with white chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon bun flavors. Drive on up and try it for yourself on Evelyn Gandy Parkway.