HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT)-Rides to the polls were presented by several entities who wanted to aid in voter access, one of those entities was Southern Miss who spent election day serving the community within the school grounds.

SGA partnered with Grove Transit to create three stop locations for students, faculty and staff to pick up a shuttle that would take them to three off site but near by polling locations. 15,000 students attend the school and of those registered in Forrest County the shuttles picked students up and dropped them back off on campus, a gesture the school has never offered before.

The service was available throughout the duration of the polls operation time, and was sponsored by The Center for Community Engagement (CCE). SGA officials say they wanted to make this option available because the election directly effects the schools population.

SGA concluded with the comment that if voter participation was on the rise overall in Mississippi they hope their efforts would aid in a rise in voter participation on campus. The CCE said they have been educating the USM community on election-related matters throughout the semester, and that is why the sponsorship was compatible.