HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT) – Leaders with William Carey University (WCU) announced a refiguring of the school’s scholarship structure, which also reflects a 40% increase in scholarship amounts for some students.

Scholarship amounts will be increased for freshmen, transfer and international students starting in Fall 2023. For students who live on campus, scholarships will range from $5,100 to $9,300 per year. For students who commute, the amount will range from $2,700 to $6,600 per year.

“While Carey remains very competitive with other institutions in Mississippi, and in most cases less expensive, we felt our scholarship structure was outdated and needed to be revised to reflect the needs of our students today,” said WCU President Dr. Ben Burnett.

Scholarships are ranked in four tiers. They’re awarded based on factors like ACT and SAT scores, college grade point average and whether students live on or off campus.

The new scholarship structure also includes Church-Related Vocation scholarships for ministerial students. Those awards were increased to $9,000 for on-campus students and $6,300 for commuters.