Espy campaign poll vs. Hyde-Smith campaign poll


Hyde-Smith campaign reacts to new Espy poll showing race tightening

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It’s the tale of two polls with very different results. Mike Espy (D-Miss.) is celebrating a poll that shows him closing a gap in the U.S. Senate race against Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.). On heels of the polls being released Hyde-Smith’s campaign released an internal poll showing a double digit lead.

“Campaigns poll to try to figure out where is the race and also a lot of times to test message to see what’s the best message to use against your opponent,” explained Henry Barbour, a Republican political strategist.

He continued, “The problem with some internal polls and just like any poll is that they may not be accurate.”

Espy hit the morning national airways, touting a poll showing him within five points of incumbent Sen. Hyde-Smith.

“So what this means is that the work that we’ve been putting in on the ground to build the widest deepest highest coalition in Mississippi’s history is really taking route. It’s germinating, and now it’s blossoming, and it’s really because people who are going to vote for me want a change in Mississippi,” said Espy.

The Hyde-Smith campaign disagrees.

“Cindy gets a great reaction everywhere she goes across the state. We don’t fault Mr. Espy for running a campaign and trying to draw attention. The firm we use for polling has successfully tracked elections for two decades in Mississippi. We’re very confident in our numbers,” said Justin Brasell, a spokesperson for Hyde-Smith’s campaign.

The Hyde-Smith campaign’s internal poll shows the senator with a 20 point lead: 58% to 38%.

“We’re excited about where we are. The campaign’s going great. People love to see Cindy everywhere she goes. We feel really good about what’s happening on the ground across the state,” said Brasell.

“We just need somebody who is going to do something. We need somebody who’s going to promote this state. I really believe that people now see that this campaign has momentum. This campaign is on and that’s what you see these polls closing,” said Espy.

The Espy poll shows him up by eight points over Hyde-Smith with independent voters. Hyde-Smith’s campaign says this is an attempt by a failing campaign to manufacture press stories and try to boost fundraising.


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