JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Liberate Abortion Caravan made its final tour stop here in Jackson. In front of a lively crowd of both anti and pro-abortion advocates, speakers echoed sentiments of women’s reproductive rights and access to abortions.

One of the speakers, Amanda Furdge, shared what the event’s purpose was.

“This event was put together so that folks who believe people should have the ability to decide for themselves, to decide for themselves. If you believe in that, whatever that looks like, always come out and join us,” said Furdge, a pro-abortion rights advocate.

With Mississippi being at the center of a massive, upcoming Supreme Court decision, people from outside the state attended Friday’s rally.

One individual came all the way from New Orleans to advocate for abortion rights.

“Just being in the state where there’s just one clinic left is really special, because I think that we all need to gather around the people who work at the clinic and fund the abortion clinic in Jackson. It’s very important to be here right now,” said Gabby Harvey, a pro-abortion rights advocate.

On the anti-abortion side, one individual expressed his frustration with the rally as a whole.

“This is a testimony to the state of our society, where we have gatherings celebrating the murder of the innocent. Innocent children are murdered everyday across this country. Instead of the church being outraged and coming and ending it, people gather to celebrate that and try to claim that as a right,” said Coleman Boyd, an anti-abortion rights advocate.

The Supreme Court decision on the Mississippi law that directly challenges Roe v. Wade could be decided as soon as Tuesday.