JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Voter accessibility and redistricting were two of the key topics at the Hinds County Voter Commission meeting.

State and county officials addressed concerns with Mississippi’s redistricting lines at a meeting on Monday, December 12 .

“It’s still compact. We’re willing to count on all community agencies to challenge some of the redistricting land that we have created. I certainly don’t have any problem with a challenge. Some of our districts were chiseled off, some of our districts were combined,” said Representative Bo Brown (D-District 70).

They aim to create a more seamless voting process with easier in-person voting and the elimination of outdated election practices.

“Mississippi election laws need to be improved. We need to have more open election laws that encourage participation, that make it easier to register to vote, that make it easier to cast a ballot. Other states have early voting. Mississippi doesn’t have early voting. We need to make it easier to register to vote. There are things that this legislature needs to do to improve the process for the voters, and we’re going to be working on that in the upcoming session,” said State Senator David Blount (D-District 29).

They want to enhance the voting experience for everyone while also making voting more accessible for disabled people and the elderly.

As the Hinds County Voting Commission prepares for 2023 elections, they’re preparing to go before lawmakers requesting resources to serve on the largest voting areas in the state.