JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A bill passed in the Mississippi Senate that would create a nine member regional board to oversee Jackson’s water system.

The Jackson Delegation in the Senate called Senate Bill 2889 an overreach of the state’s authority when it comes to the capital city.

The bill’s author, Sen. David Parker (R-District 2), said the proposal would ensure the city’s water system could operate in the future, but Sen. John Horhn (D-District 26) said the bill has a different intention.

“As a state legislature, our job is to look beyond that period and look to the period in the future. And the attempt here is to try to plan for that future, instead of backing into it at the end with a less than ideal plan,” explained Parker.

“It’s the same principle that we debated seven or eight years ago with the Jackson Airport. The control of the airport is being wrestled away from the City of Jackson and given to somebody else. We’re doing the same thing in this bill. We’re taking an asset that is own outright by the City of Jackson, and we’re giving it to someone else,” said Horhn.

The bill passed by a vote of 34-15.