JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Jackson’s ongoing water crisis is now getting the attention of the governor, but is it enough to get more state help?

Long lines stretched around the central fire station, as Jacksonians waited to get their one case of water on Thursday. WJTV 12 News also heard from the governor on Thursday, who said he will push the city’s leaders for a solution to Jackson’s water crisis.

Thousands of people in Jackson remain affected by a state imposed boil water advisory, which is stretching almost into its second week.

“It’s unfortunate that this has gone on this long,” said Jackson Fire Chief Willie Owens.

Owens commended his team of firefighters for their tremendous help, as the capital city battles its ongoing water crisis.

“They haven’t had any gripes. They’re just passionate about their jobs, and it’s just want they want to do, and I appreciate that,” said Owens.

One Jackson neighbor said this is her second day getting clean drinking water.

“I came yesterday, and I come again today. I thank God, and the City of Jackson for making sure the residents of Jackson are getting good, clean drinking water,” said Jackson neighbor Patricia Hughes.

On Thursday, the governor expressed his own frustrations over Jackson’s water issues.

“In the state of Mississippi, cities run their water departments. The state is not asked to fix the water system in Madison, Flowood, but I am frustrated. I live in the city. I am frustrated like everyone else is. We’re going to work to put pressure on the leaders of the City Of Jackson to go their job,” said Reeves.

Jackson leaders said the water giveaways will continue until the city remains under a boil water advisory, and the people of Jackson are grateful.

“The stores have gone up. It’s about five bucks a case now, so every little bit helps. You know what I mean,” said Jackson neighbor Bob Anderson.

Owens extended his thanks to the various vendors who donated the amount of water to help make these giveaways possible, along with the many helping hands.

“We have been desperately helping these people, make sure they have drinking water and potable water if they want. We’ve been trying to help them with that as well,” said Owens.

The water giveaways at the Jackson Central Fire Station will go on until supplies last.

Officials said when picking up your case of water, you can also ask for a case or two for other folks who may not be able to make it out.