JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Two bills are still alive this legislative session that would expand the jurisdiction of Capitol police throughout the City of Jackson.

While the House and Senate have passed different versions of each bill, neither has received the full support of Jackson representatives.

Senate Bill 2343 and House Bill 1020 have received national attention and sparked intense debates between members throughout the entire session.

While partisan gridlock is expected during this legislative session, the one thing that every lawmaker agrees on is that Jackson has a crime issue that needs to be addressed.

While some believe increasing the jurisdiction and authority of Capitol police will bring about a safety city, the majority of Jackson lawmakers hold that Capitol police will not remedy Jackson’s crime issues.

Rep. Christopher Bell (D-District 65) said while there are differences among lawmakers, the debate is healthy, and everyone is focused on getting Jackson back on the right track.

“There is not a consensus among the entire delegation. You have people who are for the increased presence of Capitol police, and you have others who are not. There is some concern about the Capitol police presence, what they bring as far as what they’ve done in the past, police pursuits, people being injured as a result of encounters with police. Those are some concerns. Those are valid concerns. We also have asked for money to pay for the Jackson Police Department, to give them an increased police presence. We do have a difference of opinion and it’s a healthy difference of opinion. We’ll find a way to work it out,” said Bell.

Senate Bill 2343 passed through the House with an amendment on Wednesday, and House Bill 1020 is likely to go to conference this session.