JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) announced he signed three bills in order to strengthen hospitals and increase the pipeline of medical professionals in Mississippi.

The governor signed House Bill 271 and Senate Bill 2372 which establishes the Mississippi Hospital Sustainability Grant Program and invests more than $103 million into the program. He also signed Senate Bill 2371 which creates multiple grant programs to expand training programs for healthcare professionals across the state.

“These bills represent major wins for Mississippi’s healthcare system,” said Reeves. “Mississippians deserve access to high-quality healthcare options across the state. That’s why I signed these bills which help to strengthen hospitals across our state, ensure quality care is available for Mississippians, and dramatically expand efforts to retain and attract new medical professionals. We’ll continue making investments into a healthier Mississippi.”

The governor stated that the funds aim to improve and preserve access to Mississippi hospital care services for Mississippians across the state. House Bill 271 appropriates $103.7 million to the newly created Mississippi Hospital Sustainability Grant Program at the Department of Health.

Senate Bill 2372 establishes the formula by which these dollars are made available to hospitals across Mississippi and tasks the Department of Health with distributing the grants.

The bills will make direct investments into hospitals across the state to strengthen the financial bottom-lines of these institutions and help ensure continued care opportunities for Mississippians.