JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The NAACP will hold a town hall on Thursday, April 5 for Jackson residents to discuss the Jackson water crisis and legislation targeting the capital city.

For Thursday’s town hall, the NACCP is hoping to work with Jacksonians to fix problems plaguing the capital city. Among them, Jackson’s water crisis and the NAACP’S title six complaint alleging discrimination and neglect form the state in the majority Black capital.

“We believe that the state has grossly been grossly negligent when it comes to water infrastructure and supporting it. You know in the last 25 years, only three of those years did the state actually provide resources to the Jackson water infrastructure. And so, that would be a part of the conversation,” said Charles Taylor, executive director for the Mississippi State Conference NAACP.

Jackson-based legislation is also on the agenda. Controversial House Bill 1020 passed both chambers of the state legislature. If signed into law, the bill would implement additional municipal courts, additional municipal court judges and grant Capitol police primary jurisdiction within the Capitol Complex Improvement District (CCID).

For those opposed to the bill, the path forward will be in court.