JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Lawmakers are one step closer to developing a final version of the controversial proposal, House Bill 1020.

A committee report was filed late Monday night, but the bill was recommitted Tuesday morning in the House to address technical changes to the bill’s language.

While we have not yet reached the final version of the bill, the conference committee report comes as a result of deliberations between House and Senate members and gives us a much better idea of what the final bill might look like.

The bill includes much of the original language that caused massive controversy, only with slight changes, which include an expansion of the Capitol Complex Improvement District’s (CCID) boundaries, an inferior court system within the CCID, appointed judges and other provisions that the Senate took out in its version.

Rep. Trey Lamar (R-District 8), who authored the bill, stressed that HB 1020 is still being worked on and could see more changes.

“We’re continuing to work with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to try to find a solution to help, as I’ve always said, make Jackson safer and to help our crime situation here in the capital city,” said Lamar.

HB 1020 was sent back to committee for further deliberations, and Lamar said he expects a final version this week.