JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Former Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Tyree Irving spoke out for the first time publicly after his ouster from the position earlier this summer.

Irving resigned as chairman of the party on July 2, just before the party’s executive committee held a vote to remove him.

Part leaders claimed that Irving jeopardized a $250,000 Democratic National Committee donation due to infighting between him and a fellow state party official.

Irving has since filed suit against the Mississippi Democratic Party, claiming he was illegally removed.

“When an organization has rules and regulations, they must follow them. And if they don’t follow them, there is redress in the courts,” he stated.

The lawsuit asked a judge to reinstate Irving as chairman, prevent future meetings, and to restrict current Chairman Cheikh Taylor’s role.

“This is not about Tyree Irving. This is about creating an infrastructure and developing a Mississippi Democratic Party that speaks to the needs of the people,” Irving said.

Chancellor Tiffany Grove will preside over the case. Summons have been sent out to defendants as recently as Tuesday, September 26.