JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – While Mississippians are calling for Governor Tate Reeves (R-Miss.) to call a special legislative session, the governor said adjustments still need to be made to the proposed medical marijuana program.

He stated lawmakers are looking at other states’ programs to make sure they don’t make some of the same mistakes when it comes to regulating medical marijuana.

Reeves said lawmakers still have to reach an agreement on how much marijuana person would be allowed to purchase and how much THC would be allowed in the products.

“My ultimate goal is to get a bill passed that is truly a medical marijuana; that can meet the needs of the people who need it, and there’s been a lot of progress on that. There’s really one key piece left, with respect to how much marijuana can any one individual get at any one point in time and what is the THC content of that marijuana, so that’s really the last piece that we’re working on,” he said.

Mississippi House and Senate leaders want the medical marijuana program to replace Initiative 65, which was passed by voters in 2020 and struck down by the Mississippi Supreme Court in 2021.

If the governor decides not to call a special session to address medical marijuana, a new bill could be taken up during the next legislative session.