In full swing at the Neshoba County Fair

Neshoba County Fair

From wagons and tents to ice cream-colored cabins and political ‘stump-speeches’, the Neshoba County Fair has changed over the course of more than a hundred years. But, some things haven’t… people still want to reconnect, spend time with family and friends and lose the clock.

The fair is also synonymous with politics. And for a couple of days each year, perennial fair-goers begrudgingly oblige. Walt Grayson did a little informal ‘straw-poll’ of his own.

Here’s what he found: Many folks still prefer porch-sittin’ to politickin’. Most everyone who has a cabin loves and looks forward to this big family reunion. And the kids love the chance to run around freely at night without a care in the world.

Is it ‘necessity is the mother of invention’? Or mothers invent out of necessity? Either way people find a way to get creative with the young ones at the fair and keep them engaged. The ‘Clothesline Art Exhibit’ has been young ones (and their parents) happy for years.

Playdates on Shady Lane

Harness racing runs a close second to sitting on the porch with family. No thoroughbreds here, instead drivers use quarter horses and a rig for what is becoming a lost art.

A view to the future. Candidates take front and center on the Pavilion stage.

Candidates take center stage at the Pavilion on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s the last big opportunity for them to sell their qualifications to voters before the primary August 6. WJTV 12’s Gerald Harris talked with Rep. Scott Bounds about the tradition of ‘stump speeches’.

Welcome to the square!

You may remember, once upon a time, cakewalks were the stuff fall harvest festivals were made of. Well, in a sweet nod to nostalgia, the Philadelphia Arts Council sponsors one as an activity. Win it now and walk it off later.

A sign of the times.

During the month of July, Representative Scott Bounds becomes Fair Commissioner Scott Bounds. He provided Gerald Harris and Melanie Christopher with a history lesson on the fair itself and how political speeches became a part of that history.

Heat and humidity go hand in hand with Neshoba. So, when nature gives you lemons… what do you make? Tara Thomas and Marcus James headed straight to the folks in the know.

Lindsey’s Lemonade has a Mississippi Michelin
Tara Thomas and Marcus James making lemonade in the heat
A talented and creative crew! Justin Burks, Anthony Howard, and Walt Grayson

Enjoy these pictures taken by our own family members here at WJTV and take a look at some of the fun we’re having along the way. Feel free to share your own stories and pictures. We’d love to hear from you!

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