Politics take center stage in Neshoba County

Neshoba County Fair

The Neshoba County Fair is in full swing in Philadelphia.

The Neshoba County candidates gave their speeches at the pavilion near Founder’s Square. 

Tomorrow, the Central District and Statewide candidates will take the stage.

This fair began in 1889 as the cold water fair. Then the name changed to Neshoba County Fair in 1891.

For more than 130 years people have come and visited for different reasons.

C. Scott Bounds, the Neshoba County Fair’s  Vice President, and Program Chairman says, “The fairgrounds encompasses about 170 acres right here in the cold water community — 601 cabins on the ground we have an excess of 575 plus RV spots and the fair becomes a small city for about a week and a half.”

Political speeches remain one of the highlights of the fair.

Tomorrow, Lt. Governor and Secretary of State races headline Founder’s Square. 

The candidates for governor will battle it out on Thursday.

Later we will hear more about the uniqueness of the fair with more from WJTV 12’s Gerald Harris’ conversation with C. Scott Bounds.

Click here for the Neshoba’s County Fair speeches schedule.

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