Postmaster general to appear before House Oversight Committee, Rep. Thompson reacts


Thompson: 'We want to make sure that there’s no tampering with the postal service between now and November'

BOLTON, Miss. (WJTV) – The U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to return to Washington, D.C., on Saturday to vote on funding for the U.S. Postal Service. Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said he’s eager to give a show of support to the nation’s mail service.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will appear before the House Oversight Committee on Monday as Democrats question the legality of the recent changes he deployed.

“Basically, you can’t run a business without the proper equipment and the people to do it. The postal service is no different,” said Thompson.

DeJoy’s administration issued a warning to election officials that mail-in ballots will no longer automatically be moved as priority mail. Some accused him of trying to sway favor towards President Trump.

“He is concerned that the vote by mail process lessens his chances of to become re-elected president,” stated Thompson.

Congressman Thompson said pulling resources ahead of one of the busiest times of the year was irresponsible.

“Resources like the sorting machines, resources like overtime, resources like being able to bring on additional help. You’ve frozen all that and that’s the problem,” he said.

Backlash has been swift. On Tuesday, DeJoy backtracked, saying he will suspend any changes until after the election. Money still remains an issue. This weekend, the House will consider more funding for USPS.

“We want to give, first of all, the money the postal service needs to do their job. We want to do that. Secondly, we want to make sure that there’s no tampering with the postal service between now and November,” said Thompson.

As chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, he said he’s seen very little voter fraud.

“I trust the voters. I trust the voting officials in all the states to do the right thing. Every time we try to identify any illegal activity going on in elections, it turns out to be Republicans.”

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy issued the following statement today:

” The Postal Service is ready today to handle whatever volume of election mail it receives this fall. Even with the challenges of keeping our employees and customers safe and healthy as they operate amid a pandemic, we will deliver the nation’s election mail on time and within our well-established service standards. The American public should know that this is our number one priority between now and election day. The 630,000 dedicated women and men of the Postal Service are committed, ready and proud to meet this sacred duty.”

To read the full statement visit here.

Republican Congressman Michael Guest is also responding releasing this statement:

The issues with the Postal Service are not about increasing or decreasing funds, but about structural issues that have led to its current situation. I cannot support Speaker Pelosi’s proposal, as it would throw billions of dollars at a problem without offering solutions to the Postal Service’s systemic challenges. I am interested in addressing the real issues facing the Postal Service to ensure this important service continues to serve in a modern economy.


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