The steps for choosing the next Mississippi state flag


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The work has already started to replace the former Mississippi state flag, which contained the Confederate battle emblem. Each lawmaker had their own decision to make regarding the former flag.

Now, a committee will be formed to pick out a design for the new flag.

“They’ll make quick work to get their selections in and start the work on some new designs. And that by September 12th, we’ll have something we could put on the ballot,” said Rep. Robert Johnson.

Voters will then be able to reject or accept the one recommendation.

“We’ll continue this process until we get something that voters get 50 plus percent that they decide on that they like,” said Johnson.

The new design cannot contain the Confederate battle emblem. It must also have the words, ‘In God We Trust.’

“Persecution, discrimination all those things that the flag represents. You tell me your heart has changed and it’s gone away, let’s prove it by enacting policies that help more people in the state of Mississippi.”

The former Mississippi state flag has been retired to the Mississippi Museum of History.


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