U.S. Senate Rematch: Sen. Hyde-Smith to face Espy in November


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Republican U.S. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith will face Democrat Mike Espy in the November election.

Washington and Hyde-Smith are currently negotiating a new coronavirus (COVID-19) relief plan.

“I think we should just address the needs for the employers to have employees come back to work and put everything in that package that would benefit Mississippi and Mississippi businesses,” she stated.

As for sending children back to school in Mississippi, Hyde-Smith said, “We want them to be there safely. The goal is to reopen schools when we can in a safe manner.”

Meanwhile, Espy hit the airways with a six figure ad buy. Despite that, Hyde-Smith said she’s not focused on her opponent. Her attention is on Mississippians during the pandemic.

“We’re not really worried about bank accounts. We’re worried about COVID, COVID-19 and getting out state through that,” she stated.

Hyde-Smith continued, “You’re going to hear a lot of noise. You’re going to hear a lot of distractions, and my opponent has reasons to create distractions. That’s fine, but we’re still concentrating on the heavy, heavy load that we have right now.”

She said her priority right now is not debating Espy, but helping get the country back on track.

“My priority is trying to stabilize this economy, trying to stabilize the healthcare needs for the physicians, the hospitals to have what they need. That is certainly my focus.”

The Espy campaign released the following response:

The need for Mississippians to unite and overcome the challenges of our troubled past and move forward are not “distractions.” Senator Hyde-Smith’s desire to keep our people stuck in the past is not a “distraction” – it’s just plain hurting our state.

After minimizing the severity of the pandemic, calling it “Democrat scare tactics” and telling Mississippians the pandemic would be under control “in a couple of weeks,” Sen. Hyde-Smith now professes she is taking the pandemic seriously.

Sen. Hyde-Smith claims that she prioritizes the health of Mississippians and the economic recovery are in stark contrast to her record. In the first COVID-19 relief package, she voted to take money out of Mississippi’s unemployed workers and their families’ pockets. In April, she was buy playing partisan games, delaying a relief package for weeks.

Senator Hyde-Smith advocated for a bill that failed to include any funding for our hospitals, health care workers and testing initiatives. And even now, Sen. Hyde-Smith and her party have been delaying further relief for months.

As Sen. Hyde-Smith said back in May, she wanted to “put the breaks on” “additional stimulus money.” A month after Mississippi faced its first COVID-19 case, Sen. Hyde-Smith began pushing to reopen before doctors and medical experts said it was safe.

Now, we are facing surging cases, a stalled economic recovery and a hospitalization crisis. The only distraction here is Sen. Hyde-Smith’s failed leadership that is hurting all Mississippians.

The Mike Espy Campaign


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