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Polygamists and machinist file lawsuit over gay marriage


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A group of polygamists and one machinist are trying to put an end to same-sex marriage in the State of Mississippi.

In early September, they filed a federal lawsuit against Governor Phil Bryant, Attorney General Jim Hood, and Pontotoc County Circuit Clerk Melinda Nowicki.

This lawsuit basically argues that same-sex marriage goes against the Establishment Clause, which prohibits the government from making a law respecting a religion.

Chris Sevier, who identifies as a machinist, broke down why he thinks same-sex marriage is a religion, “Because gay marriage is not secular. It’s controversial. It’s questionably real. It’s questionably moral. And just like polygamy, and zoophilia, and machinism, and other forms of perspective marriage are also not secular. All forms of parody marriage are equally part of the religion of secular humanism.”

Sevier became a part of the lawsuit after trying to get the Pontotoc County Circuit Clerk to recognize his marriage with a computer.

The complaint argues that the only form of marriage that is secular in nature and that the State of Mississippi should legally recognize by definition of the constitutional lemon test is the marriage between man and woman.

The 50 page lawsuit also argues that same-sex marriage is not a civil right, that legalizing it favors one religion over another, and that it should be declared as “equally obscene and threatening to the community” as polygamy and machinism.

Sevier says lawsuits similar to this one have been filed all over the country.

We reached out to Governor Bryant’s office for a statement.

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