Pothole ‘hot tub’ photo getting a lot of attention on social media


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — A Jackson man turns a massive pothole into a hot tub in hopes of getting the attention of city leaders.

The picture is getting a lot of laughs on social media, but as WJTV reports the issue behind the picture isn’t so funny.

“It’s definitely my most liked picture, and I think it has to do with just the running joke in Jackson that everywhere you go this is a problem that exists,” Daniel Trussel said about his unique picture.

While neighbors saw this 8-foot deep pothole as a nuisance, Daniel Trussel saw it as an opportunity to get peoples attention.

“I was outgoing to a friend’s house in this area and passed by this and was just astonished at the size of the hole and just thought I would come by and check it out and take a dip in it,” he explained.

Trussel’s been getting a lot of attention on Instagram for his most recent post, which shows him laying out in a pot hole filled with water with the hashtag Jackson life.

“Yea people thought it was funny, but I mean people are fed up with it as well. We all just want a solution so badly that I think people have just started to make jokes about it,” Trussel said.

Neighbors on Avondale Drive say they’ve had issues in this area since last November, and on Saturday city workers came out and dug the hole but nothing has been done since.

“These problems aren’t fixed right when they happen, and there’s always some kind of road damage going on, on our streets,” the Jackson native said.

Trussel says phone calls and complaints don’t seem to be getting the attention of city leaders, so he hopes this picture will.

He hopes people get a good laugh from the picture but also realize how badly the roads in the capital city need work.

“I posted this as one a good laugh and two to try to get things done because I think it’s going to require a lot of federal funding for this to be ever be fixed,” Trussel said.

We reached out to the city of Jackson to see when the problem will be fixed but have not heard back.

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