Power, water outages reported in Vicksburg on Friday


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – Temperatures are rising in Vicksburg and Warren County, but so are frustrations as people go into day two of no running with water or power.

Water main breaks have been found and all are sealed off but even that has not brought water back to the homes and businesses of many people including hotels off Clay Street.

Mayor George Flaggs said the water treatment plant is back up and running at capacity which would pump nine million gallons a day through the city.

But people are being asked to conserve water even when it is turned back on so the main tanks and towers can fill up. For some, the pace is not moving fast enough.

Families around the city left their own homes to stay with family or spent nights at City hotels just to simply take a bath, brush their teeth or use the toilet.

Mayor Flaggs explained the bitter cold temperatures could have also freezed valves or pipes causing the longer wait times which property owners have to check.

“What has happened is the pressure is up to the complex valve but on the other side there’s some frozen pipes. And because of that they can’t get service for pressure or water. If they’ll drain and open that valve just a little bit then before the days over they should have water,” said Mayor Flaggs.

Over 5,700 homes and businesses in Warren County are still without power.

Mayor Flaggs explained more Entergy crews have arrived, but the threat of branches taking out lines is not over as ice weighs down trees and power could be out until at least Saturday.

Later on Friday, the mayor said Entergy Mississippi assigned 12 additional crews to Vicksburg to assist in restoring power.

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