JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — It’s that time of year again when termites take over some homes.

Termite inspectors say the tiny creature could have a big impact on your home.

“So they’ll come right up inside of the wall, and they’ll build their dirt tubes in the wall void and stay inside the wall until the temperature and humidity are just right, then they’ll come swarming out,” said Thomas Tramel, owner of Family Termite.

When termites swarm, there could be thousands of them. That’s why Tramel said inspecting your home this time of year is important.

Termites can get into the wood and eat away at trees, furniture, and the wood around your house.

Tramel used a stump as an example when training his inspectors.

They perform liquid treatments where they dig a trench along the outside of the house.

“Then we would inject chemical treatment into the soil along the exterior of the structure.”

Family termite also injects the chemicals in your foundation and reseals any holes.

“The first thing to look for is excessive debris against the side of the house, too much mulch or old mulch that hasn’t been taken out and you put new mulch on top of it. That builds up and causes moisture. Moisture is what attracts termites to a structure in the first place,” he said.

Tramel says that if you’re looking to get an inspection, most inspectors, like his business, will come out and do the inspection for free and then if you need treatment you can arrange to pay for that with them.