Propane gas safety following flooding in Eagle Lake


(WJTV)- The backwater flooding has receded in the delta, revealing a potential danger of corroded pipes and damaged generators.

12 News’ Lanaya Lewis brings us a warning from the State Fire Marshal.

For the ones that travel down highway 465 in the Eagle Lake community, you’d find debris piled up on the side of the road and leftover sandbags. The sandbags were used to try to save homes from floodwaters.

People are slowly moving back home.

Paul Barnes of the community says, “It’s the worst I’ve ever seen in Eagle Lake.” 

Anyone with a generator or any electronics that were damaged during the historic flood should get it checked out. 

LC Gas Safety Inspector Connie Dolan says, “This is a 250-pound tank, and it did go underwater. So when a tank goes underwater like that, they have to come in and change out the regulator because you can’t have any water in the regulator.” 

After gas companies inspect the damage, the State Fire Marshal Office has 120 days to sign off their inspection. 

Make sure to get it to inspected because it could be deadly. 

“The problem you run into especially into LC Gas tanks and regulators. That water vape can cause an outage of propane, and let propane escape freely into the either, the home, or around the home, and you have the possibility of an explosion,” said State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney.

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