Protesters demand justice for Ricky Ball, shot by former police officer


EDITORS Note: The story says the case was dismissed without prejudice. As a correction, the case was dismissed with prejudice.

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Demonstrators said they want justice for Ricky Ball, a black Columbus man who was killed by a while former police officer in 2015.

Following days of protests in Northeast Mississippi, protesters traveled to Jackson on Friday, looking for answers about Ball’s death. They went straight to the office of Attorney General Lynn Fitch.

Her office dropped the case against Canyon Boykin, the former officer. They said there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Boykin in Ball’s death.

The lead prosecutor who worked under the case under former Attorney General Jim Hood disputes that decision. According to Stanley Alexander, a grand jury said there was enough evidence.

“I don’t have a comment regarding her dropping the case. I was surprised that the case was dropped and that obviously if the grand jury indicted the case, they felt that there was sufficient evidence to go forward,” said Alexander.

While protesters didn’t get into Fitch’s office on Friday, they said their fight isn’t over.

“So when you start telling me it was self defense please, come on now you better tell the truth. So I stand with my DA Scott Collumn on when he receives all the evidence that we will put it out, but I also want is, there’s work to do after this protest. We need your help over here because we’re filing bills left and right,” said Rep. Kabir Karriem, District 41.

The protesters marched to the Mississippi State Capitol. They were denied entry into the building even though it’s been open to the public for weeks.

“Anything dealing with police brutality, I take close to heart because my son is actual survivor of it. And a lot of people that we’re here for, they didn’t so they just need to stop,” said protester John Knight.

Fitch dismissed the case with prejudice. In some cases, an appeal can be filed to a higher judge or different charges can be filed under a new case.

Fitch’s office responded to the protesting saying, “The Attorney General respects the right of every American to express their views in a peaceful manner.”

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