Protestors supporting justice for George Floyd march through Jackson


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The protest for justice in the name of George Floyd made its way through the streets of Jackson, where people were willing to block traffic to be heard.

Even though we’re 1,035 miles away from the place where George Floyd lost his life to Minneapolis Police, people in the Jackson metro felt they needed to show their own government and authorities that type of behavior is not tolerated here either. 

Over fear of being targeted most of those gathered hid their faces and did not want to give their names during interviews.

“Stop killing us,” one lady said at the rally. “We’re tired of it and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Continuing the cry for justice, around three dozen people lined up on the steps of the state capitol hiding their faces but showing passionate signs against racial injustice. 

“Let us breath, it means allowing black people to live peacefully,” another woman said. “Allowing people of color to not live in fear.”

“I’m sick of looking on the news and seeing one of my brothers and sisters killed,” one protestor stated. “This injustice has been happening for a long time, but like Will Smith said it’s just now getting filmed and we will not rest until justice is getting served.”

Their blame for these problems is pointed to government leadership they say it is out of touch. 

“To have a negligent and ignorant president as he is saying when the ‘looting starts the shooting starts’? That’s the only thing we want stopped in the first place,” the same protestor added. “I’m sick of it.”

Just before the protest started news broke of officer Derek Chauvin’s arrest charged in the murder of George Floyd and was met with celebration.

The protest then turned into a march through the streets of Jackson. Right past the Governors Mansion.

“I have nothing to say for the Governor,” the leader of the march said. “Our government is part of a white supremacy system that has pretty much benefited off the backs of Black people for hundreds of years. Mississippi is the blood line for a lot of oppression in America.”

Tensions rose at one point at the corner of Pascagoula and State street where protestors blocked all lanes of traffic. One driver in a white van pushed through. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Besides that, one incident the rest of the protest was peaceful and concluded with some singing of classic songs from the civil rights era. Showing issues from those times are still going on in pockets of America today. 

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