Protocols of the polls: How to follow voting etiquette


MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — The Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office laid out the guidelines for proper voting etiquette.

“You can’t campaign within 150 feet of the poll, or stand over people when they’re voting,” Robert Bilbrew with Precinct 315 said.

Another thing to keep in mind – don’t take a picture of your ballot.

Debbie Bergansky with Precinct 107 explained that these rules are put into place so that every voter has the chance to cast their ballot safely.

“We have had people lined out the door for hours at a time trying to get in and out,” Bergansky said. “It’s just only fair if you come in and you vote and you go on and leave.”

There are very specific restrictions on loitering — it is not permitted within 30 feet of a polling site, though Bilbrew said that at Precinct 315 he won’t have to worry about that.

“We don’t have any loitering — we’ve got people who guard the doors and we got people who give out stickers on the way out and make people are keeping their distance.”

That means no campaigning of any kind, which includes wearing clothing with a candidate’s name on it, or even parking too close with a campaign bumper sticker and precinct volunteers won’t think twice before enforcing.

“You have to ask them to leave or you ask them to go turn their shirt on wrong side outwards and come back in,” Bergansky said.

Both of the managers said that so far this super Tuesday has been filled with compliant, cooperative voters.

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