Push to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The push to legalize medical marijuana in Mississippi is getting some out of state help. The medical marijuana question is on the November ballot.

Doctors and advocates, who are pushing for medical marijuana, said job one is education. They want voters to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

“We all could benefit from better cannabis competency,” explained Dr. Rachel Knox. “It’ll behoove all of us to have access to a regulated plant that we can depend on for high and consistent quality.”

Will Humble ran the Arizona Public Health Association for years. He said legalized medical marijuana works well in that state, and Mississippi can easily follow and potentially do even better.

“There are more options, including civil money penalties, which I think is a good way of getting the attention of treatment centers that aren’t in compliance before you move right away to suspension. I think those are good in terms of public policy,” explained Humble.

Not everyone backs legalizing medical marijuana, including Mississippi’s State Board of Health. The final decision is up to voters.

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