Race for Hinds County DA: Jody Owens


Race for Hinds County DA: Jody Owens

The Hinds County District Attorney’s race is one of the more hotly contested races in this year’s election.

Three candidates are lining up to take the seat held by Robert Shuler Smith.

Owens is taking on well-known criminal defense attorney Darla Palmer , assistant Attorney General Stanley Alexander .

Owens is the top lawyer at the Southern poverty Law Center. He has overseen lawsuits to combat criminal justice, education and state mental health problems.

“Under a Jody Owens district attorney administration we will not let individuals terrorize our community with violent crimes and then be walking the streets the next week,” said Owens.

However, he says he will be smart in determining who deserves to be behind bars and who needs help.

“We have to make sure that alternatives to incarceration for people who deserves second chances and rehabilitation far too often the current system has threw people in the system and really threw them away,” he said.

Owens is a Democrat. He says his administration will run vastly different than the current DA’s office.

“ Under my administration we’re going to immediately focus on the Hinds County jail and the violent offenders we’re going to make sure individuals no longer are waiting for their day in court,” said Owens. “Make sure we do everything in our power to make sure victims get justice.”

Owens who is a Lieutenant in the United States Navy reserves says the solution to solving Jackson’s crime is holistic.

He says it involves help from the community and simply being smart

“We don’t need to spend tax payer money on individuals who stole bubblegum we need to make sure violent offenders are behind bars we need to make sure we are putting programs in place that let individuals come back into society once they have shown they’re able and willing to,” Owens said.

Election day is on August 6th and to win Owens must gain 50 percent of the vote plus one to avoid a runoff.

Jody Owens says he wont face a recusal problem from cases like the current DA.

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