Race for Hinds County DA: Stanley Alexander


The Hinds County District Attorney’s race is one of the more hotly contested races in this year’s election

Stanley Alexander is taking on criminal defense attorney Darla Palmer, and civil rights attorney Jody Owens,

The Hinds county native says he’s the right person for the job.

“I’m saddened by the amount of crime that we have here right now,” he said.

He’s currently an Assistant Attorney General and says he has a solution to Jackson’s crime .

“We have got to get people off the streets that are committing violent crimes that are killing murdering raping abusing senior citizens and children we’ve gotta get them off the streets so everyone can be safe,” he said.

Alexander says his office will be one to make sure everyone is treated fairly.

“What I plan to do is have a professional office that looks out for the victims first and also while so that also looking out for what’s best for the offenders so they get treated right in the justice system no one is oppressed everyone will have a voice ,” said Alexander.

Alexander is a Democrat and also serves as the Director of the Public Integrity Division of the Mississippi Attorney General’s office— he says his relationship with law enforcement is one of his beat assets.

“I have established relationships with just about every law enforcement agency in the county I’ve worked with: MBN, MBI, FBI Sheriff’s Department Jackson Police Department all the local police departments

Election day is on August 6th and to win he must gain 50 percent of the vote plus one to avoid a runoff.

Because the current district attorney has had to recuse himself from over 150 cases— we asked Stanley Alexander if he will face the same set of circumstances and he said no.

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