Race for Hinds County DA


The Hinds County District Attorney’s race is one of the more hotly contested races in this year’s election

WJTV 12 spoke one-on-one with each candidate on why they should be DA.

Darla Palmer is taking on civil rights attorney Jody Owens, and Assistant Attorney General Stanley Alexander.

Darla Palmer says she’s the right person for the job.

She was born and raised in Hinds County and has practiced law for 22 years.

“Basically right now what we have a lot of is just crime and it’s just rampant so I want to bring back unity in our community,” said Palmer.

Palmer says she will make the DA’s office more efficient in addressing Jackson’s crime beginning with proper bonds.

“From there to readily have the cases brought before a grand jury presented and then quickly handled those cases -I planed to have individuals –specialized attorneys,” she said.

Palmer is a Democrat. She says her administration will put violent offenders away while developing a strong first offenders program.

“Everybody charged with a crime is not guilty of it, but some folks are so I certainly have compassion and an interest in handling those cases that are less violent and that we can keep them out of incarceration.”

Palmer whose most recent notable case involved being the defense in the Jessica Chamber case maintains Jackson’s crime could be corrected with the help of the community.

“I expect respect in our community and as a result of that then that opens the conversation for us to move forward to make sure that economics that our way of life is improved by the reducing of the crime rate in Hinds County,” she said.

Election day is on august 6th and to win he must gain 50 percent of the vote plus one to avoid a runoff.

The current district attorney has had to recuse himself from over 150 felony cases.

Palmer said she will not face the same set of circumstances. She has three cases within the Hinds County and should be wrapped by January if she takes office.

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