Radio Host hits back at Hinds County Supervisor’s allegations


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson radio host accused of threatening and cyberstalking a Hinds County Supervisor is fighting back the claims with his lawyer adding the government and law enforcement are the ones going too far.

The two spoke publicly about constitutional rights being violated and the plaintiffs ignoring the legal process to make an arrest.

William Edwards, known on the air as Napoleon and his Attorney Abby Robinson came out ready to fight to lay out the definition of the charges against Edwards compared to the full statement he made. 

On the Cipher Show Edwards is no stranger to challenging local government officials on their policies, but it’s this statement Supervisor Archie called a threat

“I am going to shoot that .50 caliber out at all three of them,” Edwards stated Saturday. “I’m going to line those sons of guns up and execute them with information. News that you can use.”

“We want to send a clear-cut message to these dirty low life gutbucket thugs that are running around here,” Supervisor Archie said. “I’m going to stand up and I’m going to fight.” 

Alongside his lawyer Williams told us the allegations took his statements out of context. 

“Prior to that comment I was saying that the information is small like a .22 caliber compared to the information that would be released later that will be like a .50 caliber,” Edwards told us. “This information will execute each one of you.” 

According to the Petal Schools District referenced by the Attorney General’s Office cyberstalking charges are classified as a felony and occur if one is threatening to bodily harm a person, his family, or property. Or communicate repeated harassment to a person. 

“He said information, not bullets, not weapons,” Attorney Robinson said. “Not anything that could cause bodily harm.”

The defendant’s argument continues with how the arrest was made. According to Edwards, it was done by U.S Marshals when he arrived at work. He said they did not have the warrant immediately on them. 

“When I got ready to exit the vehicle several SUVs blocked me in and got out with weapons drawn. They were all U.S Marshals and told me to put my hands up in the air,” Edwards explained. “I said well why is the U.S Marshal here. He said we received this from James Davis.” 

To Attorney Robinson, important steps in the legal process were ignored and constitutional rights for the community are at risk. 

David Archie said he contacted James Davis personally is what my client and his supporters are saying. We intend to subpoena every record of that cell phone. 

At the heart of this case is Edwards accusing supervisor Archie of being convicted of felons like Sexual Battery. Even when it comes to being charged Archie denied all accusations.

The answer is no, I am not a convicted felon, the answer is not that I have not been arrested for a felony. 

Not exactly. We did some digging after supervisor Archie refused to specify what information Edwards said was true. We discovered in 1996 before he was a supervisor the man was arrested for Sexual Battery in DeKalb County, Georgia. But the charges were later dropped. 

Then on Sep. 7th of 2016 Archie was also arrested for domestic violence. But again, was never convicted. And those at JPD only found misdemeanors on his rap sheet. 

In 2008 there also was a David Archie listed in the Jackson Police archives being arrested for sexual battery and convicted. But that man was born in 1985. Over 20 years after Supervisor Archie. Attorney Robinson said a mistake like that can easily be corrected on Edwards show or solved in civil court. 


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