Rebuilding Mississippi: Fixing Hinds County bridges


Hinds Co. running out of money to repair and replace bridges

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– All this week, 12 News is focused on the state’s infrastructure in Rebuilding Mississippi.

Hinds County leaders are spending big money to repair and replace bridges, but that money is running out.

The bridge on Livingston Road is one bridge that’s been blocked off and has been for ​some time. But now county officials say that bridge will reopen after Thanksgiving.

Robert Graham, the Hinds County Supervisor of District 1, says the county paid $235,000 to repair it.

We first reported on the Livingston Road bridge closing in May.​​​
​”We haven’t had any help from the state,” said Graham. “In fact, the state is the one mandating we close these particular bridges and whenever ​they say close a bridge, we have to close it that particular day so a lot of time those particular residents don’t have any warning.” ​

Now the wood piles are replaced with concrete piles and the reopening is good news to neighbors.

​ Hinds County officials say they’ve replaced 25 bridges, repaired 40, and five are still under construction.

It’s spent nearly $4 million, but the budget is only $6 million that means money is running short.

“We just didn’t know that it was going to be over 40,” said Graham. “We had to do it. We’re about to run out of money to get it done, but we feel very good about what we’re doing in the county.”​

Another costly project has a $1 million price tag. It’s to replace two bridges at Smith Station in Utica.

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