‘Red Flag Law’, dead on arrival, but advocates push ahead


JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) A push for gun control at the Mississippi Capitol , but Republicans say a new bill is dead on arrival.

Senate Bill 2055 introduced by Senator Robert Johnson would create a so-called ‘Red Flag Law.”

Supporters say it’s designed to keep and get guns out of the hands of those who may do undue harm to themselves or others.

“We are not a gun control group we support the second amendment, I myself am a gun owner. What we do believe is there are laws that can be passed that are things that we can do to keep all of our families safe,” said Mary Helen Abel the Mississippi chapter lead for Moms Demand Action.

On Tuesday, two groups pushing for gun control gathered with survivors and victim families to lobby lawmakers to pass gun reforms.

“What we’re about is passing common sense gun reform that allows us to all be a little bit safer,” Abel said.

Republicans who control both chambers and the Governor’s mansion say the legislation is dead on arrival.

Lorenzo Neal, a local pastor and son of a mother who was killed by gun violence hopes in time they can work to convince lawmakers to put the red flag law on the books.

“By humanizing and sharing the stories of person that have been directly impacted by gun violence we can help change the narrative and help people see that there is a need for sensible common sense gun violence legislation,” said Neal.

Extreme risk laws are designed to defuse dangerous situations while also providing due process, it also involves instituting a comprehensive background check policy.

17 states, according to Gunsandamerica.org have some sort of ‘Red Flag Law.”

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