MEMPHIS, Tenn.– A Memphis family is on guard after someone broke into their car while shopping at an east Memphis grocery store days after they took in loved ones from Ukraine fleeing the war.

Evegeny Palshin took what was supposed to quick trip to a grocery store off Plaza Avenue with his brother and sister-in-law Wednesday.

Once they returned to the car, they discovered its windows were busted and several valuables were stolen.

“There are a lot of places that you feel like you can’t go and if I would have known that they were going to that grocery store, I would have told them don’t go there,” said his sister Ashley Palshin.

The couple Palshin took grocery shopping recently left Russia to flee to war with Ukraine, only to come here to Memphis and become a victim of crime. The thieves stole a wallet and a backpack, which contained life-saving medicine.

“If you compare Memphis to let’s say Moscow, where they from, where they use to live for the last ten years it’s safer to get groceries in Moscow,” Evengeny said.

This burglary marks 41 crimes reported in the shopping center this year and at least the tenth car broken into. 

“I just wish they had more security at Kroger or better security system because this is happening so often,” Ashley said.

We’ve reached out to Kroger and are still waiting to hear back.

Police are still searching for the people responsible. There were surveillance cameras in the parking lot which will likely help identify those suspects.

If you know anything call crime stoppers at 901-528-CASH.