BREAUX BRIDGE, La. (KLFY) – Yesterday, the victim of the 1981 Interstate 10 pedestrian fatality was finally identified, bringing closure to the victim’s daughter and St. Martin Parish community members.

The victim was identified as Michele Elaine Oakes Boutilier, 26, of Cut Off, La.

Today, her daughter Angela Jordan, spoke with KLFY News 10 and expressed a sense of relief and closure following her mother’s identification.

“Since January, I had been flooded with the story of the jane doe in Breaux Bridge,” Jordan stated.

After seeing her mother’s photo as the identified victim, Jordan knew right away that the 1981 Interstate 10 victim was her mother. She told KLFY News 10 that “it all made sense. They took my DNA on Valentine’s day. Here it is the middle of July and I finally have closure.”

After forty years of the town not knowing who the victim was, community members are also relieved to finally know her identity.

The former funeral director of St. Benard Cemetery Ray Pellerine remembers the day the unknown woman came in and left a mark on his life.

“I’ll never forget that day,” Pellerine told KLFY News 10.

He continued, “there was something about the young lady that made me think we have to find out who she is.”

For decades, St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, DNA labs across the state, and St. Martin Parish residents took action together in search of identifying this mysterious woman. Something that St. Martin Parish Sheriff Beckett Breaux spoke on, stating “we have a great community. I’m gonna tell you. Pellerine Funeral Home actually donated the service and put the casket and the tombstone up.”

“We had people from St. Martin Parish taking care of the gravesite for an unknown female. Now we know who she is,” Breaux noted.

“I am proud to be from St. Martin Parish because the people of St. Martin Parish did this,” she continued.