FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith’s daughter was arrested on Monday afternoon on meth trafficking charges.

“You think I like seeing my child in an orange jumpsuit in a jail cell? Of course not,” Sheriff Smith said.

Sheriff Smith is known for trying to get meth off the streets, but the last person he expected to arrest was his daughter.

“Meth is one of our number one priorities here at the sheriff’s office to prevent meth use and meth sales and rehabilitation,” Smith said. “And so our narcotics guys have been working a case and as a result of one arrest we made another arrest that happens to be my daughter.”

38-year-old Kristen Kent was arrested for trafficking meth Monday afternoon.

Sheriff Smith said the situation is unsettling, but he won’t be treating this case any differently.

“Yesterday we did a controlled buy with my daughter and she delivered 2 ounces and that’s when she was arrested,” Sheriff Smith said.

Kent was charged with trafficking methamphetamine of 14 grams or over, drug possession or use, and cocaine possession.

“It’s heartbreaking, the last person you ever want to arrest is one of your family members, especially your child I mean it’s like you can’t even put it into words, I don’t think it’s anything you wish on your worst enemy to do something like this,” Sheriff Smith said.

25-year-old Bailey Adaire Lee was also arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine of 14 grams or over Monday afternoon.

“But again, my commitment to the community is to prevent people from getting access to these terrible drugs,” Sheriff Smith said. “Drugs that ruin families. Here’s a prime example of what it does to our communities, what it does to our families, what it does to our friends and it’s heartbreaking.

Sheriff Smith said they believe there are more people involved in this trafficking case and more arrests are expected.