LOUISIANA (KLFY) Airport officials in New Orleans found a Spirit Airlines passenger traveling with a human umbilical cord in their luggage.

The incident happened August 2 at the Louis Armstrong International Airport.

According to U.S. Custom and Border Protection, a specialist located the umbilical cord after referring the passenger traveling from Honduras for a secondary inspection.

When questioned the passenger told officials the cord belonged to a relative, a press release stated.

Customs contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Houston, which advised that the items could be abandoned or held and the passenger chose to leave it behind, the release said.

The items were then incinerated.

Authorities said they made a similar discovery on June 28 in NOLA when a traveler on the same recurring flight from Honduras was found with a bag containing “paperwork, a positive pregnancy test, and an unknown tissue sample” that turned out to be an umbilical cord, according to the release.

Photo Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection

“With the vast number of daily travelers, our officers are guaranteed to encounter some unusual items,” Mark Choina, acting area port director of New Orleans, said in a statement.

“However, two umbilical cords, a month apart, coming from the same country is noteworthy.”