EUNICE, La. (KLFY) – Using solar power and motivation from his late wife, a Basil man found a way to save money and inspire others.

Duane Carrell is the creator of a recumbent solar powered trike that he says was made out of recycled materials.

He credits his late wife for the inspiration and after her passing says he discovered that it was the best way for him to save money.

He says his trike not only saves money on gas but it is also a convenient way to get around.

Using one solar panel, Carrell says he is able to fully power his trike with 45 minutes of sunlight and ride for miles and says the best time to ride it when it is sunny.

“A calm day with complete sunshine from day to dark is the best day to ride.”

What started as a mission to save money, Carrell says he has now turned his love of solar into a mission to educate the youth and let them know about the Solar Car Challenge.

He says he wants to inspire students to create a program and solar power team to compete.

“I can go back to the teachers and see if they’re interested, see if they can get any of their students interested and give them something to look at to give them a little incentive to start their own solar power team.

Carrell says his trike has gotten him plenty of questions and offers to purchase it, but this model is just a prototype to show students what they can create.

He says his next project is to create a second solar powered trike, but with two seats.