RAYNE, La. (KLFY) — A Rayne mother is speaking out and wants justice for her daughters who she says were beaten with a baseball bat, and says it didn’t end there.

One was also pistol whipped.

“It’s enough, it has to stop, the violence has to stop!” Evelyn Malbrough says.

“I don’t want to be the next victim, or my babies be the next victims because it shouldn’t have to be that way.”

The 37-year-old is the mother of three daughters.

Torionna Charlot, 20, and Ty’Renae Charlot,18 she says, were struck with a baseball bat Friday (May 13) after a fight between family members on Seventh Street near West South First Street.

She says she told her daughters to go to their grandmother house on N. Chevis St. after she received a call about the girls being involved in an altercation.

“One of my cousins was fighting with one of their cousins, and the boys just jumped out and started fighting my girls and they didn’t have anything to do with that fight.”

She continued: “They were walking away. The little boy said I want you, so my daughter said, ‘What do you want to fight me for, and then he just took off running at her like a Tasmanian devil.”

Ty’Renae, she says, was pistol whipped and left unconscious. Today she is in stable condition and recovering, but Malbrough says she wants justice for her children.

“What generation are we in, men fighting with women, we are going to have to do whatever to protect our babies and us. I’m not going to sit here and let anybody harm me or hurt my girls.”

Malbrough said she contacted the Rayne Police Department Friday night when her daughter was hospitalized, but she says they refused to come.

“Rayne police need to do their jobs to protect and serve,” Malbrough said.

On Saturday, the next day, Malbrough said some of those same boys met her and her family on N. Chevis Street with more violence.

“A stampede of boys, and we are just a few girls outside. What is it that you need all those boys to come and attack women, what kind of boys are yall?” she said.

As things quickly escalated she says her sister fired a gun into the air as the group of boys approached with bats. 

“We saw the bats, and that’s why my sister fired in the air to get them to run away.”

She tells News 10 she has been dealing with violence from the same people for eight years and says it has gotten so bad that she now lives in Duson.

“This is an ongoing situation. I have been dealing with this and have paper trails from these people. These same people for eight years now, and it’s enough.

“We are all family. It’s a generational curse, but this has to be broken.”

Rayne Police are investigating. They say no one was reported injured in the Saturday shooting. However, they are working to identify, charge, and arrest multiple suspects who were involved.