JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Two Mississippi men and a Tennessee woman face theft charges in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Their arrests were made in connection to “large scale” thefts from Lowe’s stores in both Mississippi and Tennessee.

Hendersonville police said William “Kelly” Nolan, 50, was orchestrating the thefts from the Sumner County Jail in Tennessee. He was already being held for previous Lowe’s theft charges. Investigators said Nolan impersonated members of landscaping and construction companies to use their business accounts at Lowe’s stores in Mississippi and Tennessee. Nolan would allegedly use the accounts to make purchases, have someone pick up the orders, then sell the goods for profit.

Graham Kelly, 34, of Pearl, and Rhonda Anderson, 49, of Lafayette, Tennessee, were also arrested for allegedly helping Nolan commit the thefts. Police said Anderson was also an inmate in the Sumner County Jail at the time. Kelly was arrested in Rankin County on Wednesday, May 18. He will be extradited to Sumner County.

Nolan was charged with seven counts of felony theft, three counts of identity theft, two counts of financial transactions from felony theft proceeds, conspiracy to commit money laundering and organized retail crime.

Kelly and Anderson were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering.

Anyone with further information about the case can call the Hendersonville Police Department at (615)-264-5303 or Crime Stoppers at (615)-594-4113.