NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— The New Orleans City Council enacted legislation that would prohibit the City of New Orleans and local law enforcement from using public funds or resources to enforce Louisiana’s trigger abortion laws.

“That’ll mean NOPD won’t prioritize going after women who are seeking reproductive services and won’t go after doctors who are seeking reproductive services,” said Councilmember-At-Large Helena Moreno.

Several speakers voiced their opinions; most of them supported the resolution.

Abortion rights advocates say the trigger ban will not stop people from getting abortions.

“What it will do is stop providers from considering Louisiana a safe place to work and utilize their hard-earned medical licenses and expertise,” said Michelle Erenberg with Lift Louisiana.

Moreno says this legislation is not a long-term solution.

“I think the question that many have is ‘Is this the solution to keeping the New Orleans clinic open?’ Unfortunately, it is not because that clinic is regulated by the state,” explained Moreno.

Some spoke in opposition of the resolution. They believe the council is sending the wrong message.

“It makes me sad because it just confirms what I thought, you know, and it brings more darkness here for you all, and it makes me sad,” said anti-abortion advocate Jennifer McCoy.

The council says they will continue to fight for long-term solutions and that federal assistance is needed.