MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An alleged case of road rage ended with two children being shot and critically injured in Berclair early Tuesday.

It was a night of terror for a Memphis mother and her two children. Witness Jose Cortez who said he watched minutes of mayhem erupt just after midnight along Macon Road.

A shattered back window on the victim’s car only tells part of the story. 

“She was just screaming, my son’s been shot.. been shot.. she kept screaming it the whole way over here. Saying ‘can someone help me, can someone help me? Call the police,'” Cortez said.

Detectives said this all happened after a woman was driving through Berclair. She told police she could see the driver in another vehicle approaching ‘at a rate of speed, as if they were being chased.’

This all happened not far from the Gaismen Community Center. Even though she pulled over, she said the driver started shooting at her with her two children in the back seat.

“We just hear her screaming like ‘help, help, help,'” Cortez said.

The desperate cry for help came after the Memphis mother discovered her young son, believed to be 4 years old, was hit in the arm and lower back.

“You see blood coming out of his elbow, you can see his bone or something. It was bad, it was all bad,” Cortez said.

Her 8-year-old daughter was also shot in the leg. Both children were taken to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital for treatment.

Cortez said the mother rushed into the store for help. Shortly thereafter, police arrived. Mr. Cortez added that this really hits home as he has children of his own.

“It’s scary because I have two kids too, you know and to see those kids like that, it’s horrible,” he said.

Police could be seen in the early morning hours focusing on a car with windows shot out. It appears two cars crashed.

Police said spent AR shell casings and half-a-dozen 40-caliber shell casings were recovered at the scene.