NEW ORLEANS, La. (BRPROUD) – Now this might be an un-bee-lievable if it were not a true story.

These almost stowaways made quite a scene at New Orleans Airport on Sunday, May 22.

Craig Forsythe runs Bee Guyz, LLC and around 3:15 p.m., the local man received an emergency call from Delta Airlines.

Within fifteen minutes, Forsythe was on the tarmac assessing the situation.

The bees had made a home on the tarmac.

Their “home was a large reel of 12″ wide air conditioner hosing. Airlines attach it to the tarmac and to the airplane to cool and circulate the air while offloading and boarding the plane,” according to Forsythe.

Specifically, the bees found their home inside of the hose.

It took about 90 minutes to complete the job and remove the bees.

Forsythe says it was particularly challenging because “it was such a confined space it made it difficult to suction up and remove all of the bees.”

Nobody was hurt during the process and Forsythe was able to find the Queen.

Image courtesy of Bee Guyz, LLC

The owner of Bee Guyz, LLC confirmed that every single bee was safely removed and relocated live to a commercial beehive.

Forsythe says that on average, Bee Guyz, LLC gets about 15 to 20 service calls a day.

They have removed bees from places like grain elevators, oil refineries, above ground tombs and mausoleums.