Reinforcements brought in to assist with gravel pit recovery


COPIAH COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – Crews are still on the scene after two men were trapped when a gravel pit caved in Friday in Copiah County.

It’s been over 30 hours since emergency officials got the first call about this incident and the two workers are still missing.

Dozens and dozens of people from the community have come to show support for the families and get a look at the efforts.

A crane was brought in and is being used to get equipment out.

At this time, crews haven’t started pulling anything out of the pit.

People on the scene are wondering why the recovery is taking so long.

Emergency management officials say the earlier part of Saturday was focused on getting that crane to the site.

That crane arrived around 2:00 p.m. but it has been not put it to use and that’s because safety is the top priority.

“It’s so much of a safety issue when you’re talking with the federal government and the mining safety. There’s so much paperwork that has to be done before you can even move a piece of equipment. That’s the only problem is you’ve got to go by their rules and their rules are safety and that’s the way to be. That way we know everyone here is going to be safe,” said Randle Drane with the Copiah County Emergency Management Agency.

Also, adding to the time in which this gets done that crane had to be assembled and sturdy enough road had to be built for it to move around on.

There are about 100 people working on this rescue effort.

This is a developing story.

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