Two women shot dead while doing simple everyday life things.

Suzanne Hogan was at a gas station parked at a pump and Kristy Mitchell was walking to a nearby restaurant for a bite to eat.

“This is a tragic, tragic loss. We were all devastated when we got the news,” says former co-worker, Mark Sullivan.

Mark Sullivan has worked with Hogan at Entergy Nuclear ever since she moved to Jackson from New York about a year ago.

“She was just bubbly, very nice, a very dedicated employee, outstanding employee,” says Sullivan.

Sullivan says Hogan was a 10 year employee who always showed up on time ready to work.

“We’re a small family at Entergy so when you lose a member of your family it’s devastating,” says Sullivan.

Jackson police say Zebulum James shot Hogan at the Shell gas station on Watkins Drive then drove off.

Minutes later, police say there was another shooting but this one in Ridgeland on County Line Road near Logan’s steakhouse.

According to police, Kristy Mitchell was shot once as she was walking from her hotel room to the restaurant. She was in town on a business trip.

Police say before she was rushed to the hospital where she later died, she described her shooter to officers, which ultimately helped police link these two shootings together.

Family and friends say they’re still in disbelief.

“Unfortunately there are evils in this world that we can’t control and we just need to concentrate on the wonderful person she was,” says friend, Jenna Robinson.

Mitchell is described as being a devoted wife to her husband of 31 years.

She also leaves behind two kids and four grandchildren.

“Her tenacity and her joyfulness were overwhelming and it was contagious,” says Robinson.

Sullivan says for these two innocent women to be killed it puts things into perspective.

“I think anytime anything like this happens it all brings, it should bring all of us back to think about what’s important in life,” says Robinson.

Police say James sped off after shooting Mitchell and struck a Memphis man in the parking lot. Police say that man has been treated and released from the hospital with a broken leg.