Sidewalk renovations provide relief for disabled Jacksonians


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Two Jacksonians are celebrating a new means of transportation on State Street in Jackson. Walking along a smooth sidewalk is something many of us take for granted. For some, it is life or death.

Charles Scrivener is legally blind. While he can get around buildings and stairways, he said walking on unpaved sidewalks has been difficult. He said he might not be able to feel a crack, bump, or something in the way.

Scrivener said it was a challenge walking down State Street in the Belhaven neighborhood and the sidewalk by Bailey APAC Middle School.

“It was one bump here, one bump there. And it wasn’t a sidewalk, but now it’s smoother,” he said.

Dr. Scott Crawford is another person who benefits from having a smooth sidewalk.

“Sidewalks are life itself. I mean trying to ride my wheelchair in traffic is extremely dangerous,” he stated. “I’ve been advocating for more than a decade now for the city to bring its streets into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Last week, city leaders announced they were working to do just that.

“It is our responsibility anywhere where there are sidewalks that we do so with our ADA compliance. It is our goal and responsibility to make sure that we build our infrastructure in a way that is conducive and useful to all our Jackson residents. So that’s something that we’re proud to say we’re doing as well,” said Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba.


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